Decadence and glamor define Valentine's Day jewelry. Express your love with one of these 7 gift ideas.

Valentine's Day is coming up, and as expected, you're probably going to buy roses for your girlfriend. But that's certainly not enough to make it a special day!

In addition, you're probably considering getting a jewelry piece or two that'll make her light up any room that she walks into.

That way, she also has something pretty that'll remind her of your love for her whenever she wears it.

Stumped on ideas?

Then here are 7 exquisite Valentine's Day jewelry pieces that your significant other will love.

1. Stud Earrings

If your loved one is a simple kind of girl, then she'll probably appreciate something that's not big and flashy.

For this purpose, stud earrings as a romantic gift for your girlfriend will work super well.

With stud earrings, you can choose both the size and the type of material for the stud.

Whether it's a pearl, diamond, or her birthstone, it can be modest but still romantic enough to really impress your sweetie.

Make sure you find out which gemstones she likes and dislikes.

We guarantee it'll really wow her socks off when you present her with some earrings of her favorite stone!

2. Hoop or Drop Earrings

Let's say your girlfriend loves to be showy and expresses herself through eye-catching jewelry.

In this case, you should forego the stud earrings and go with hoops or drop earrings instead.

Like with stud earrings, you can choose how big or small the hoops are, as well as what stones are encrusted (if any).

You can also choose the metal itself!

This means that if your girlfriend already has a bunch of hoop earrings, you can still get her a pair that's completely different from what she already has.

As far as drop earrings go, there are so many designs and options out there that it's practically impossible to get your significant other a duplicate.

For example, a unique gift for her that'd fit this category would be some blue-glazed rose earrings in 24K gold.

3. Necklace

Necklaces are a great romantic gift for women because most can go with any outfit they throw on.

This Valentine's Day, you should pick one up that fits her style.

Necklaces can come in all different lengths and materials, so no matter if your girlfriend's style is simple or complex, it's basically a foolproof gift to get her.

Considering this is an accessory she can wear practically every day, this will give her a daily reminder of your love for her.

You can even get her a necklace that has a locket and have it engraved with your names and anniversary date.

4. Choker

Does your girlfriend like tighter fitting jewelry?

Does she hate necklaces that hang off her neck and clash into everything as she leans over?

Then an exquisite choker is a wonderful alternative to a longer-chained necklace.

There are some edgier chokers that are punk-rock or goth style. Or you can choose some daintier designs that use just a thin chain and a tiny pendant.

5. Bracelet

Bracelets are always a welcome piece in any woman's jewelry box.

When she has a plain outfit on, all she has to do is throw a bracelet on to transform her look in a flash.

Some women are fans of charm bracelets. If yours is, not only can you buy her a new bracelet on this occasion, but you add more charms to it on future gift occasions that represent her loves and passions in life. It’s a gift you can keep giving to!

If your loved one isn't a fan of dangly jewelry, make sure you get her a bracelet that's a tighter fit. For example, a thin, small band may fit her tastes perfectly.

6. Watch

Practically everyone has a smartphone nowadays. In fact, more than 5 billion people have mobile devices, and over half are smartphones.

This means it's very likely that your girlfriend checks the time on her fancy phone.

However, that doesn't mean watches are completely obsolete.

Like everything else on this list, a watch can be very complementary with some outfits, especially if your significant other's always stumped on what to wear to more formal events.

A nice watch can instantly upgrade a casual outfit (such as jeans, shirt, and blazer) into a more formal one.

All she'll have to do is throw on a nice pair of ankle boots, and she's set.

7. Ring

It's estimated that 6 million couples are likely to get engaged on each Valentine's Day. Perhaps all the other years weren't it for you, but maybe this year?

You're finally taking the plunge!

If you're going to propose, what better day to do it than the most romantic one of the year?

Have a snoop around in her jewelry box to get a good idea of what her ring size is and then go ring shopping!

This doesn't necessarily mean you should go to a jewelry store and splurge on the most expensive ring you can find.

For example, maybe your sweetie is into vintage aesthetics.

You just might be able to find a beautiful vintage ring at your local thrift store for a fraction of the price of a traditional engagement ring.

Give Her These Pieces of Valentine's Day Jewelry This Year

Along with the perfect Valentine's Day jewelry, make it an unforgettable day by getting her the best Valentine's Day gifts.

For instance, you can get her a Red-Glazed Rose and Vase Set, which will last her a lifetime.

Make sure you let your girlfriend know just how much you love her by getting her a gift that's going to last forever.

Looking to purchase some romantic jewelry for your significant other this year? Then take a look at this selection of rose petal jewelry.

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!