If your anniversary is on the horizon, it is time to think of a romantic and thoughtful gift for your loved one.

It's always important to show the amount of effort and care that you have put into selecting a meaningful present, so whatever you do, you should never leave this task to the last minute.

Rushing to the mall and grabbing something random on the way home from work is a sure fire way to disappoint your partner.

Your anniversary represents the ideal occasion to demonstrate your appreciation and love by carefully choosing something that will be truly loved.

When it comes to choosing a token of appreciation for your loved one, it makes sense to select something which represents your life as a couple.

This helps you to remember all of the most special shared moments, while also pointing you towards a bright future together, and looking forward to one more year filled with romantic moments and happy times.

Romantic gifts show that special someone how much they are still loved and desired no matter how many years you have been married, and when you choose the right gift, it is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with the celebration of another joyful year together.

Here, we look at 8 meaningful gift suggestions which will truly delight your partner.

1. Take a Break

Whether you can afford to take a long vacation or can only stretch to a weekend break, spending some quality time with your loved one will make your relationship even stronger, rekindling the fire of romance between you.

Perhaps you know a special place that your partner always longed to visit, or perhaps you have often talked of seeing a dream destination together – make this anniversary an opportunity to jet off on that special trip.

You may want to make the destination a surprise, but it could be even more romantic and fun if you do the planning together.

2. Relive the Past

Surprise your partner by recreating your first date.

Spending your anniversary in the same place as you enjoyed that first special evening or day is a wonderful way to revisit happy times and to reminisce about the way things were, and the way your love has grown and blossomed over the intervening years.

3. Write a Love Letter

In today's technologically advanced times, it has become exceedingly rare to actually write anything down.

Think about it – how long has it been since you actually received a handwritten note?

While there is a lot to be said for emails and texting, imagine how delighted and surprised your partner would be to receive a love note that you have written with your own hand?

Why not try writing a special poem or a song to express your emotions and dreams for the future?

Simply reach into your heart and pour out all of those thoughts and feelings that you find hard to say in everyday conversation, but which you have always wanted to reveal.

What better way to show how your partner has won your heart?

4. Showing Love Through Food

It is often said that the way to your partner's heart is through their stomach, so why not surprise your loved one with a special meal for two that you have prepared yourself?

While it may be nice to have a take out every now and then, on such a special occasion as an anniversary, it couldn't be more important to put in some effort yourself.

You don't need to be a gourmet chef to impress your partner with your culinary skills, and if you're someone who usually gives the kitchen a wide berth, they are sure to be even more surprised, even if the result is a basic yet tasty recipe.

Take care to apply some finishing touches by presenting your meal with finesse – elegant table decorations such as candles, quality linen and champagne will add style and sophistication to your meal.

Alternatively, why not go for something more simple yet sumptuous – a delightful picnic in a secluded pretty spot?

Whichever you choose, you can be sure that your loved one will be impressed by the effort and thought that has been put into arranging such a thoughtful occasion.

5. Use Your Hands

Giving your loved one a handmade gift is the perfect way to demonstrate your love.

Take this chance to show off your skills and talents, whether that be jewelry making, drawing, scrapbooking or sewing – your partner is sure to fall in love with you even more if you create something truly unique especially for them.

Even if your artistic skills are not quite up to scratch, there are still many creative solutions that you can employ. Visit a craft shop to find artistic gift inspiration such as a home-made card, or a craft set which allows you to design your own mug or decorate your own photo frame.

While these gift ideas are simple, they allow you to add an original bespoke touch to your present.

Even if the result isn't perfect there's no need to worry – your loved one is sure to appreciate its flaws just as they appreciate your own.

6. Framing Your Memories

Anniversaries are all about happy memories, so what finer way for you to celebrate another joyful year together than by making a lovely photographic collage of special moments from your life together?

Choose a range of images of you enjoying happy times and captured moments of laughter, action and fun, as well as pictures of friends and family members who have great importance in your life.

7. Sexing it Up

If you are a gentleman celebrating your anniversary, one great gift idea is to take your wife shopping for beautiful lingerie which she can then wear on the special day itself.

Not only will you both enjoy the shopping experience, but it is a gesture that is sure to make her feel truly desired and special.

If you are a lady preparing for your anniversary, choose some special lingerie that is suited to his tastes – either flirtatious and cute, or daring and exotic.

Wear your sexy new underwear during your evening out and drop subtle hints about the surprise he'll have in store when you get back home... what better way to spice up another year of married life?

8. Bedroom Excitement

You may have found that, now you have been married for some time, life in the bedroom has become a little stale.

To make your anniversary a bit more special, why not try something new to spice things up?

Whether you fancy dressing up, trying new positions or experimenting with toys to make your night more lively, you are sure to thrill and surprise your partner while reminding them of the exciting days that you enjoyed when you were first together.

Your partner is sure to be delighted by these romantic and meaningful tokens of love that perfectly capture the essence of a long and happy marriage.