Are you married to the love of your life and want to celebrate your marriage with a gift? Here are wedding anniversary gifts to celebrate over the first five years.

Do you remember the best day of your life? 

If you're lucky enough for it to have been your wedding day, don't let that memory fade. The day you joined your life with the woman of your dreams is a wonderful milestone in both of your lives.

It's easy to shower your lady with extravagant gifts. But a present with a deeper meaning is a way to prove that you cherish the memory of your wedding. 

Read on for a guide to buying your wedding anniversary gifts over each of the first five years of marriage. A thoughtful gift is the best way to show your wife that your marriage is as significant to you as it is to her.  

Yearly themes for wedding anniversary gifts


No one knows for sure who decided on wedding anniversary gifts for each year of marriage. It's likely that it originated in the Victorian era of England. A love of domestic details and lavish anniversary parties were all the rage.

It's said that the list mirrors the blossoming characteristics of a marriage. Each year represents a quality that every couple should strive for. 

Whatever the origins, these themes offer inspiration for charming, traditional wedding anniversary gifts. The beauty is, they are wide open for individualization. 

First wedding anniversary: Paper or clocks

The suggested gifts to your spouse on your first anniversary are paper themed, a fitting symbol for a newly-wed couple. Paper suggests a fresh canvas that is waiting for your story to unfold on its snowy white surface.

Gift ideas include personalized stationery, a custom-designed calendar or even tickets to see a special show. Be creative in interpreting these themes for the love of your life. 

A secondary, more modern theme for first wedding anniversary gifts is clocks. Time is a witness to the eternity of love. An antique clock or exquisite wristwatch offers your wife an attractive and practical keepsake.

Second wedding anniversary: Cotton or china

Cotton is hardy yet adaptable, which are qualities required in all successful marriages.

We're not talking cotton buds here! Gift your wife with some first-class linen on your second anniversary and she'll be thrilled by your thoughtfulness. 

The indulgent texture of high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets is a luxury that every woman loves. Other gift ideas include a personalized bathrobe, high-quality towels, and a knit scarf or shawl.

If you're looking for an alternative, china is also a popular theme for second wedding anniversary gifts. A set of premium china dinnerware, serving platters, or vases will be all the more special if you've hand-picked the design.

Third wedding anniversary: Leather or glass

Timeless and diverse, leather is the classic choice for a third anniversary gift. Our ancestors used leather for clothing and shelter, and a strong marriage can be a haven from the complexities of life. 

A tasteful leather handbag or wallet is bound to be well received by your lady love, but it's easy to cook up a more personal gift. A monogrammed leather photo album is ideal for recording special memories. Planning a special trip? A customized leather passport case hints of new and exciting horizons. 

Glass is another customary theme for the third year, and a glass chess set or an ornamental mirror are unique wedding anniversary gifts. Feel like splurging? Up the ante to crystal; we promise your wife won't mind! 

Fourth wedding anniversary: Fruit, flowers or silk

A woman's love of flowers should never be underestimated. A fresh, vibrant bouquet should be a staple of all anniversaries. Adding a luscious fruit basket to the delivery is a must for a traditional fourth year gift

Flowers represent the blossoming of love and beauty. To celebrate the immortality of your love, present your wife with an Eternity Rose, a bloom that will stand the test of time. 

Looking for a gift that flaunts your attentiveness? Select a floral-scented perfume that suits your wife, or plant her favorite flowers or fruit in your garden. 

The modern interpretation for this year is silk, and a designer scarf or negligee is sure to delight the lady in your life.

Fifth wedding anniversary: Wood or silverware

By the fifth year, your marriage is firmly rooted with a strong core. Wood symbolizes the steadfast nature of an enduring marriage. Your fifth wedding anniversary gifts should honor this concept. 

Wood can be shaped into a format that will thrill your wife with its appropriateness. A hand-carved jewelry box will be a point of pride on her dressing table, while a gleaming oak table could set the stage for future family dinners. From personalized coasters to handcrafted puzzles, wooden gifts are fun and easy to think of. 

Top-end silverware is another suggested theme for your fifth anniversary, but it doesn't have to be cutlery. A teapot or wine bucket are gifts that may be better for your wife's tastes. 

Last word

There are plenty of suggestions to be found for wedding anniversary gifts, but if ever a cliché applied, it's here. It's the thought that counts.  

A gift that has personal significance will mean much more to your wife than what tradition dictates, or the material of the gift. The themes above simply provide a framework for you to create a present that is steeped in the nuances of your relationship. 

Whatever your special lady's tastes, you'll find something to delight her if you keep this in mind. Consider her personal interests, tastes, and needs and present her with a gift that proves that you know and understand her.

I would love to hear your comments or answer any questions you might have about this post.

Yours sincerely,   

Dr. Carissa Coulston, Clinical Psychologist

BSc(Hons), MPsychol(Clinical), PhD, MAPS