It's hard to find something that your loved one wants and is least expecting. This guide helps you find Valentine's Day gifts for her that come from the heart.

Valentine's Day is marketed as a day for lovers. A lot of pressure is placed on men to send red roses or buy the perfect gift. When they don't rise to the occasion, it can cause a range of emotions. 

Today, when it comes to celebrating the day of love, it's not just for wives and girlfriends. With the special day approaching, it's time to start thinking about unique gifts for any woman in your life.

Whether it's your significant other, mother, daughter or close friend, Valentine's Day gifts for her will bring a smile.

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration when it comes to gift-giving. Keep reading for ways to find thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts the women in your life will adore.

What Makes the Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Her?

When it comes to gift ideas, it is important to take into consideration what she likes. Valentine's Day is synonymous with red roses. Ask yourself, is that her favorite color or flower?

It is more significant and will gain a bigger reaction if you remember she adores yellow roses with daisy accents. 

Some women aren't fans of flowers at all, so a fruit arrangement or her favorite chocolates will win points.  

Aside from flowers and candy, you can make a bigger impact by getting in tune with the vibes she's putting out.

She is Leaving Clues

Women have a way of dropping clues when they know it's gift-giving time. A unique Valentine's Day gift for her could be a piece of jewelry she stumbled upon while out shopping.

Hints to look for is a webpage left open to the product page of the company’s website. Or she might suggest going into a jewelry store to browse around.

If she suddenly starts to randomly talk about something she has never mentioned before, take note. This could be a Valentine's Day gift for her.

Something She Really Needs

Some people believe when it comes to giving a woman a gift, it is taboo to choose something she needs. What is worse, getting a gift she needs or one she really hates? You'll have to make the call.

Now if what she needs is a new car, we don't think she'll mind too much! But seriously, you will need to work out if buying her new pots and pans will achieve the same reaction as a refill on her favorite perfume.

You'll have to weigh the pros and cons. Afterall, you know the lady in your life.

Check Out Her Bucket List

A lot of people keep bucket lists. These are things they hope to one day experience. It doesn't have to be something risk-taking like climbing Mt. Everest.

A bucket list can include things like one day seeing a play on Broadway, or experiencing a favorite band in concert.

Helping someone checkoff an item on their bucket list is the best Valentine's Day gift for her and will be appreciated. If it is something the two of you can experience together, it is sure to strengthen your bond. 

The Day Has Double the Significance

Is Valentine's Day her birthday or wedding anniversary? Does it have some other significance? When a holiday has a double meaning to someone you love, it is equally important to acknowledge the day.

When shopping for Valentine's Day gifts for her, keep in mind you're also highlighting another aspect of her life. 

If the event is a joyous occasion, in addition to flowers add on dinner and a movie. For somber circumstances, you'll want something upbeat. Consider a mini-vacation or overnight trip as a Valentine's Day surprise.

It's Time to Pop the Question

You know it's time to pop the question. It's all you've been able to think about for the past three months. Valentine's Day is the day of love so why not demonstrate yours by planning a romantic surprise engagement?

Get the family and friends together. Pick a location and choose the perfect ring. 

Women love surprise engagements and the more creative you are, the greater the chances she will say yes.

For this unique Valentine's Day gift for her, ask the people closest to her for ideas to hit the engagement out of the park.

Oh, and don't forget to hire a photographer and videographer to capture the moment and the big YES! to your Valentine's Day proposal.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Sometimes the one you want to celebrate on Valentine's Day isn't physically near you. She could be away at college, lives on the other side of the world, or will be away on business. 

Don't let distance stop you from celebrating the day.

When miles stand between you two there are a few options. Consider going online and finding companies that specialize in romantic gifts. Order a unique Valentine's gift for her and have it shipped to the city she is in.

You can always find a florist in her city and have flowers sent. The best idea is to be her Valentine's Day surprise. 

Turn Her Frown Upside Down

There are very few things worse than being blue or in a funk on Valentine's Day. If you have a friend or co-worker going through a tough time or a recent break-up, make her day special. 

Plan a girl's night out or a day at the spa followed by dinner. Get a group of friends together and do a group party. Paint parties are very popular. 

If you want to do something unique, plan a floral arrangement party. Get some wine, appetizers and a florist to guide you in creating your own floral arrangements.

Rose are Red, Violets are Blue

Valentine's Day gifts for her can have significant meaning. Getting someone something special on Valentine's Day doesn't necessarily mean a bouquet of roses or a romantic dinner. Sometimes it's something that simply shows your love.

This isn't the only day for gift giving. We have a large selection of gifts for the special people in your life. Click here to create a wishlist of special gifts to remember when it's time to make a purchase.