White Natural Rose Glazed & Trimmed with 24K Gold 12" - Gold Lattice Leaves

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  • A real white natural rose hand-picked in its full bloom.
  • Its leaves receive our special treatment, revealing an intricate underlying latticed structure that is then dipped in 24K gold and glazed.
  • Every rose comes presented in a PU leather display case, lined with navy-blue velvet.
  • Featuring a stunning lustrous finish.
  • The quality of each rose is guaranteed with an authenticity certificate.
  • Every rose is one of a kind, delicately handcrafted and designed to endure for a lifetime as a token of everlasting romance and beauty.
  • Orders are processed promptly and express delivery is free.

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Part of The Eternity Rose's beautiful range, this stunning artwork has been formed through an electroforming process, glazing the petals of a real white rose and coating the stem, petal edges and leaves in 24K gold.

The treatment applied to the leaves not only dissolves the tissue, but leaves the leaf structure intact to reveal a lovely lattice framework that is layered with 24 karat gold.

Every rose is handcrafted and is one of a kind, with 24K gold embossed petal edges, leaves and stem. Every rose comes with its own authenticity seal that guarantees the individuality of each item and recognizing it as a genuine and natural artwork.

For ages past, gold has been recognized as the ultimate enduring symbol of wealth and prestige, while roses are linked eternally with love and romance. These twin symbolic concepts are now combined into one exquisite gift – an Eternity Rose, to be placed proudly in a display cabinet.

Giving an Eternity Rose to a special someone is the best way to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, or simply to show how much she is loved. What better way to show your appreciation?

Speaking volumes, this impressive, one of a kind gift represents in its uniquely magical way your innermost sentiments and genuine affection. The perfect combination of a rose's elegance together with the majesty of precious metals, this gift will no doubt find a proud place in your special someone's home, presented in its high-quality PU leather case. When it is displayed in its case with its sleek velvet lining, this rose is presented to its finest advantage.

A rose blossom is the best way to show your love, and now, The Eternity Rose has adapted this concept into an artwork that is as creative as it is luxurious and long-lasting.

Each rose used in The Eternity Rose's product range is grown in our nurseries by skilled horticulturalists who specially select each one for its unique color and beauty. Tended constantly, they are hand-cut at their peak and glazed immediately to preserve the natural beauty.

From cultivation to the finished product, there are 60 steps which take 3 months from start to finish. A layer of copper is first electroplated onto the leaves and petals forming a base before glazing is carried out by hand. As a final step, the stem, leaves and petals are embossed using pure 24K gold, resulting in a radiant mirror finish, unable to corrode or fade with time.

Show your love for that special lady by presenting her with an Eternity Rose – a gift as beautiful as she is and as enduring as your devotion. The perfect romantic present for an anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, or simply as a token of love.

Our White Eternity Rose is also available with green leaves.