The rose symbolism of the red rose is established as the flower of love. Find out how the red rose came to its significance in romance.

Did you know there are over 150 different species of roses?

Yellow, pink, orange and white roses, all make lovely gifts. Yet, if you want to impress your lover, only the celebrity of roses will do. The red rose is the most popular among young and old couples alike.

The timeless beauty of a single red rose has impressed countless generations. Brimming with inspiration, red roses are the topic of songs, movies, love poems and more.

But why is the red rose the symbol of romance? Why not a white, pink or yellow colored rose?

Read on to find out about rose symbolism and how red roses got their reputation as the flowers of love.

A Brief History of Rose Symbolism

Every individual rose color has its own history and meaning. Yellow roses denote friendship, white one's innocence, and orange sends a message of intense passion.

Red roses first began gaining recognition as a symbol for love in Greek and Roman history.

The Roman goddess of love, Venus, chose the red rose as her favorite flower.

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite was responsible for making the roses red. Running to help her lover Adonis, a white rose's thorn cut her foot. Her foot bled all over the white roses as she ran to help Adonis.

In her act of love, all the roses turned red.

Christian Symbolism

Christian culture began adopting the red rose as a symbol for the Virgin Mary.

And during Medieval times, five petals of a red rose were synonymous with the five wounds of Christ. The blood red color was a reminder of his sacrifice on the cross.

What a Red Rose Has to Say

Essentially, red roses say a lot more than “I love you”. They also reflect the following sentiments:

- Fidelity

- Courage

- Respect

- Prosperity

- Loyalty

- Commitment

- Eternity

- Passion

- Sensuality

The universal flowers even hold meaning in Tarot card readings. Tarot considers the rose to be a representation of balance. It delivers a ray of hope that new beginnings can emerge.

According to Tarot, the thorns represent defence and physicality. You can find the rose symbol on the Magician, Death, Fool and Strength cards. Each of these 4 cards represents a state of balance and harmony.

Meanings Behind the Number of Red Roses Given

Did you know the number of red roses you give impacts the message you are sending? While it’s most popular to give a dozen red roses, it might not be the right choice for you.

For example, if you're with someone new, a dozen roses could send the wrong message. You don't want to come off too strong and ruin your first date.

Instead, you should pick the number of red roses based on the message you want to express.

Here’s a breakdown of the different meanings behind the number of red roses:

- One red rose: Love at first sight

- Two red roses: Mutual love

- Three red roses: Three month anniversary

- Six red roses: I want to be yours

- Nine red roses: Together forever

- Ten red roses: You’re perfect

- Twelve red roses: Be mine

- Thirteen red roses: Secret admirer

- Fifteen red roses: I’m sorry

- Twenty red roses: Sincerity

- Twenty-one red roses: Dedication

- Twenty four red roses: I’m Yours

- Twenty-five red roses: Congratulations

- Thirty-six red roses: Head over heels

- Forty red roses: Genuine love

- Fifty red roses: Limitless love

How many roses will you need to send your message of love?

When to Give a Red Rose

The simple answer for when to give a red rose is anytime. You can give red roses for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, first dates, and more. There’s never a wrong time to remind the special person in your life how much they mean to you.

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