Guide to Valentine’s Day in Canada

Canada valentines day guide

Every woman in Canada loves Valentine’s Day, whether they admit it or not. The good news is, it’s NEVER about the gift you get her. It’s all about how much effort you show, and that’s not nearly as hard as you think it is.

If you’re worried about showing her how much you really care, don’t be. We put together this guide to walk you through everything―fun activities, dos and don’ts, flowers, the perfect gift and more―so you can prove to her how much she really means to you and avoid a night in the doghouse!

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Most men feel tremendous pressure to “get it right.” It’s understandable―couples in record numbers will celebrate this year.
While 62% of Canadian couples believe it has become too commercial, 75% of us still plan to celebrate with gifts, dinners, vacations and of course, flowers and chocolate (GlobalNews.CA).
That special lady in your life will use it as a test to see how much you really care, so, men, it’s time to step up to the vase and make this a day she won’t forget.
Since it is the amount of effort you put into her that actually matters, let’s start with 10 things you HAVE TO DO for a Canadian Valentine’s Day, followed by 5 things to NEVER DO.

10 Things to Do for a Perfect Valentine’s Day

Planning for Valentine’s Day can make even the most confident man crumble. What do I get her? Do I send her flowers? How can I show how much I love her without overcompensating? Where do I even start?

The good news is, you don’t have to be wealthy, overly creative, or the next Casanova to take her breath away. We love Valentine’s Day just as much up north as they do in the States, even if we only spend a fraction of the amount.

Your girl probably doesn’t want anything extravagant. She just wants you to prove you care and think about her.

If this is your first V-day together: Your first red-hearted day is a bit tricky. We’ll give you some quick tips for setting the tone for the rest of your relationship.

valentines day todo never forget
NEVER forget

We know it sounds obvious, but do anything you can to remember. Set a reminder and mark it on the calendar. Remember, to her, there is no excuse.

valentines day todo plan in advance
Plan well in advance

Start planning a few weeks ahead, especially if you have big plans in mind (e.g., a vacation). Think of every little detail you can when your mind is clear. What sort of things does she like? What date night did she love especially? What is something she’d love to have but doesn’t have yet? REMEMBER: Movie tickets, theatre reservations or restaurant reservations should be booked well in advance. V-day gets busy!

valentines day todo set expectations
Set expectations with your partner

If you both don’t set the tone, the media will do it for you. She’ll assume you have everything covered. Don’t ask her specifically what she wants because she’ll never tell you. If this is your first Valentine’s Day together, ask her how she feels about the holiday by dropping hints as the day draws closer. Never skimp out (we’ll cover this more below), but be honest with each other.

valentines day todo her needs
Understand what she really wants

Majority of couples just want the one thing that matters most: each other. What she really wants on Valentine’s Day is proof that you care. No expensive gift or luxury getaway will make up for a lack of care or genuineness. A well-planned evening full of things she loves is worth more than an expensive piece of luxury jewelry (though it is REALLY CLOSE).

valentines day todo attention to little things
The little things make all the difference

A light touch of romance is worth more than a fistful of dollars. A note on the pillow, flowers at work or even a gift basket sent to her mother will take her breath away. Remember, opening the door is better than opening your wallet.

valentines day todo spend day together
Think of things to do together

Love is symbiotic. She is your PARTNER, not just your girlfriend. Men tend to see gift-giving as a static transfer of one thing of value to another person, whereas women are far more concerned with how the gift reflects your opinion of her or the status of your relationship. The things you do together strengthen your bond and show her that what you care most about is spending time with her. After all, your time is your most valuable resource. Here are a few ideas:

  • Instead of going out to eat, why not take a cooking class together?
  • Instead of going to a movie, how about a night in the city at a show?
  • Instead of giving chocolates or flowers, why not take her to a local mom-and-pop food factory or spend the day at a flower farm?

valentines day todo just a day
Remember, it’s just one day

No single day can make or break your relationship. It can definitely make it better and drastically improve her opinion of you, but it can’t make up for a poor effort the rest of the year!

valentines day todo think
Think about how long you’ve been together

If this is your first Valentine’s Day, then it’s extremely important to think about how long you’ve been dating. If it’s only a short time, definitely, do NOT go overboard. That will have the exact opposite effect. Some new couples even like to skip it or just go for drinks or dinner. If you’ve been together a long time, you might even know each other so well that Valentine’s Day can go unspoken. If it’s been years, classy gifts that make her feel young again never go unnoticed. Think classy but sassy rather than outright sexy.

valentines day todo go with classics
You can never go wrong with the classics. Just make sure they are tailored to her

The classics never go out of style. Flowers have been the symbol of love (we cover specific symbols next!) and nonverbal communication for centuries. But what if you could tailor your gifts specifically to her to make the classics even more classic in her mind? For example, if she’s a fitness buff, get her healthy chocolates or even make her keto-friendly chocolate! If she’s proud of being Canadian (who isn’t?), then get her some chocolates with maple syrup or our new national flower, the bunchberry. Think of what makes her her and see how you can work that into flowers, chocolate and cards.

valentines day todo give flowers
Learn the language of flowers

There is a language little known. Lovers claim it as their own. The language of flowers is universally understood. If you put in just a little extra effort to learn it, she’ll be so appreciative! Mix them into a custom bouquet and explain why you chose each. Then start rolling in the brownie points! The ones you have to know are the following:

  • Red rose: I love you (Three roses represent the past, present and future!)
  • White carnation: Pure love
  • Daisy: Innocence
  • Edelweiss: Devotion
  • Mint: Virtue
  • Sunflower: Adoration

5 Things NOT to Do on Valentine’s Day

If you’re clueless about what you should and should not do on this day, join the club. Men spend millions of collective hours in the doghouse each year never quite knowing why they aren’t being let back indoors.

If you aren’t prepared, don’t care, didn’t put in the time to think about her or are overcompensating for something, she will know immediately.

Here are five things you should never do on Valentine’s Day. Follow these tips to make sure you don’t ruin the holiday:

valentine not to forget
Never go lavish and overboard

If you try too hard, she will sniff it out instantly. Also, women are well aware of the status of your relationship and many other factors that you might not care to think about, so she knows what’s reasonable and what’s excessive. If it’s your first V-day, don’t call a limo, hire a mariachi band and take her to the most expensive place in town. She will feel very awkward. Women don’t like when men try too hard.

valentines day not to give lingerie
Don’t get her lingerie

Sure, it’s universally accepted that Valentine’s Day comes with steamy romance at the end of the night, but most women don’t actually want underwear. In fact, in a survey of 500 women, lingerie was the number 1 most disappointing gift (Her.IE). There could be a few reasons for this. First of all, most women like to choose their own underwear. Second, they usually know it’s more for you than them. And lastly, if it’s a relatively new relationship, they might think it’s too forward. Better go with something else.

valentines day not to treat as object
Don’t treat her like an object

Yes, she’s beautiful. Yes, she’s the apple of your eye. Yes, this is HER day even if she says it’s for both of you. But don’t treat her like an object. That means don’t compliment her excessively or go overboard with treating her like she’s a queen (unless she really is royalty). Majority of women don’t actually like the candles, romantic music and other sappy stereotypes from the movies.

valentines day not to be generic
Don’t be generic

While you definitely should not go overboard, going generic might be even worse. A basic Hallmark card and a bouquet of flowers aren’t going to cut it. Not when she’s going to see all her friends’ amazing photos on Facebook! Spice up a generic card with a personal note, a fun tease or a flirty line.

valentines day not to assume things
If this is your first Valentine’s Day, don’t assume anything

Clear communication is the best way to prepare for your first day of romance together. The last thing you want to do is spend money and time on things she doesn’t like. Make sure you know beforehand how seriously she takes the holiday. If you think the relationship is still new enough that you don’t want to invest much in it, then let her know!

Valentines day fun fact canada

FUN FACT: Valentine’s Day is good for the heart...

  • least that’s what some scientific studies say. Being single on V-day isn’t that big of a deal anymore. Millions of singles in Canada celebrate every year with friends and family at bars, clubs, restaurants, hockey games and parks.
  • But celebrating it with someone you love has proven good for the heart-shaped organ in your body.
  • Thinking of indulging in some dark chocolate and romance? Go right ahead. Dark chocolate, red wine and affection from close loved ones are all heart healthy (in moderate doses). Keep celebrating and live long!

FLOWER GUIDE: How to Choose Valentine’s Day Flowers for Your Partner

Each flower you hand her “says” something different. We’ll help you choose the right words so you can say what you really mean. She’ll love the pinch of old-fashioned movie romance, but you’ve got to do it right. The last thing you want to do is hand her flowers that symbolise heartbreak and sadness!
Let’s cover what the most popular flowers mean and which kind of girl to buy them for based on relationship status and personality.

DID YOU KNOW? Flowers automatically trigger happiness. Seriously!

Buying her flowers will have an extremely profound effect on your significant other’s brain because they trigger dopamine. She won’t be able to help but be happy! That’s because in the world our brains evolved in, flowers signified the coming abundance after a long winter. That and bright colours signify rich nutrients in nature. That’s why flowers are a must!

Unique Gifts for Every Personality

Is she vivacious and energetic? Laid back and quirky? Outrageous and flirtatious? If you don’t know yet, then you’ve got a bigger problem than figuring out which flowers to buy.
Flowers tailored to her personality make an amazing gift. Here are some ideas based on her personality:
Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids
valentines day gift for free personality

The free spirit - mimosas - She’s wild, fancy-free and a little on the odd side. Awesome! Mimosas (not the brunch excuse for alcohol) are a wild, short-lasting flower that will put an instant smile on her face and live up to her live-in-the-now attitude.

valentines day gift for first valentine

The first Valentine - daisies - She’s your new squeeze, and you want to let her know she’s yours but that you’re not overthinking things yet. Get her a bouquet of daisies to show playfulness and innocence. It’ll say, “This is our first holiday together, but let’s not get too serious yet.”

valentines day gift for bubbly girl

The vibrant and bubbly girl - poppies - Poppies remind us all of a tropical dress. If she’s the kind of girl who lights up more than your face when she enters a room, this is the perfect flower for her. Tip: Don’t get her white poppies. These symbolise remembrance in war, hence the name “remembrance poppy.”

valentines day gift for nerd

The quirky nerd - cactus - If she’s your hipster girl, she’s going to think roses are so lame. It sounds crazy, but we bet she’d love a cactus to go with her “Trailer Park Boys” poster. Bonus: Cactuses need very little maintenance.

valentines day gift for traditional girl

The traditionalist - lavender roses - If she pampers herself before every date, can’t go out anywhere in public without a 30-minute pep talk in front of the mirror and has been clear that she’s very traditional, then romantic red roses are the ultimate gift. Yes, we know we said they were a bit of a cop-out before, but that’s only if she isn’t a lover of tradition. If you want to get creative, try lavender roses instead.

Now that you’ve studied floral vocabulary and grammar, let’s move on to learning how to choose the best gift for her. What, you thought flowers were enough?
perfect gift idea for valentines day

How to Choose the Perfect Gift for Her on Valentine’s Day

“Baby, you don’t have to get me anything.” - A woman who expects you to get her something she loves.
Buying a gift is hard. As a man, you have to strike that delicate balance between getting her something she’ll love and not overdoing it. Oh, and you can’t be generic either, and it has to be appropriate for the stage of your relationship. (Going all out in the first few months sends the wrong signals.) Don’t worry, we’ve got a bunch of tips to help you get it right. If that’s not enough, we’ll give you great ideas based on her personality.

Tips for Choosing a Great Valentine’s Day Gift

Show her that you’ve been paying attention
This is tip number 1. Most women don’t want you to spoil them; they want an accurate reflection of your feelings about them. If you care about her, then you’ve been paying attention (as best you can!). You can give flowers and chocolate to any girl, but you’ll only know if she’ll love tickets to a Leafs or Canadiens game if you’ve been paying attention.
Write down everything she loves
Think about everything she’s interested in―fashion, sports, games, movies, etc. Come up with at least seven. Then write down at least one gift idea for each one. Scan the list for 30 seconds, think “yes” or “no” based on what you know about her and go with your first instinct for each to narrow down the list. This should give you a good idea of what she really loves.
Be careful with practicality
This can really get you in trouble. On the one hand, practical gifts can be great for her hobbies. For example, if she loves skiing, then some accessories or a new set of skis (only if you’re deep into your relationship) are both practical and unique. However, practical items like a vacuum, scale (NEVER), gift certificates or gardening equipment (unless she’s a green thumb) are no-nos. They are either too generic or offensive.
Experiences are usually better than items
For the sports fan, tickets to a hockey game are better than a romantic dinner. Tickets to see Hamilton are better than a book about history. If she’s a nature lover, a trek for two in Whistler is better than some hiking gear. Get where we’re going with this?
Make the delivery a home run
Add some flair to the packaging and delivery―hide things around the house, leave some notes or surprise her at work (women secretly love this). Make the packaging so it reflects what she’s interested in. Sticking with the sports fan, why not hide the hockey tickets inside a pair of hockey gloves? If she’s outdoorsy, go for a hike and put tickets for your trek inside her backpack.
Get a gift that’s appropriate for the level of your relationship
If you’ve literally been on two dates, then a sarcastic and flirty card and spending a day together are more than enough. If this is your fifth year together, you better knock her socks off with whatever you get. We’ll give you some gift ideas next.

Never get her a live tarantula―the WORST Valentine’s Day gift ever!

These are gifts that real women have received from their boyfriends (or ex-boyfriends now):

valentines day worst gift a tarantula
valentines day worst gift scale
valentines day worst gift iron board cover
valentines day worst gift wheelbarrow
valentines day worst gift sausage roll
valentines day worst gift shaving cream

Gifts Ideas for Relationship Stage, Budget and Personality Type

OK, if you’re still lost on how to get the best gift for Valentine’s Day, here are some ideas. She’ll never know you got them off the Internet!

New Relationships

valentine gift idea for new relationships Fun and flirty gifts are best for a new relationship as you never want to be too mushy-gushy at this stage. Keep things light-hearted, and don’t assume too much. Remember, you can’t take things too seriously too soon.
Budget: Pick-your-own candy set, a bottle of wine or dinner for two at a casual restaurant.
Moderate: Dinner for two at a nice restaurant. Remember, don’t go overboard and get big gifts at this stage. A flirty card, some light-hearted flowers and quality time together are all that matters.

4−6 Months

valentine gift idea for a new relation You guys are still new and getting to know each other. Six months is nothing, trust us. Don’t go overboard. Still, you should know plenty about her by now. That’ll make getting a gift way easier.
Budget: A framed poster of her favourite movie or band, a customised coffee mug (not of the two of you!) or a cooking class for two are some great ideas.
Moderate: The best idea for a young couple still feeling each other out? A weekend getaway! There are so many awesome places in Canada that we don’t even know where to start. A national park, Lake Ontario, Niagara Falls, romantic Quebec City, Vancouver Island―the options are endless.

About 1 Year

valentine gift idea for one year relationship You’ve been together a while now, so basic gifts won’t cut it. Now you know her well enough to get her a gift she’ll really love. It might be a well-thought-out romantic gift. It might be something practical. It comes down to her. We always err on the side of unique experience, romance and something that strengthens your bond, but if she’s the practical type who likes items and electronics, then change your game up.
Practical - fashion accessories: By now, you know what her career is or what she wants to be. A bag, heels that fit her personality or a pair of affordable fashionable earrings are gifts that are both practical and personable.
Personalised - tickets to see her favourite band: By now, you know her favourite band (and probably have come to hate it). A pair of tickets isn’t much of a splurge, and it will show her that you’ve been paying attention. Plus, concerts are fun for everyone!
Techie - a smart speaker: Smart speakers powered by an AI personal assistant make a great (and affordable) gift. She’ll be able to use them to turn on lights, set alarms, add events to her calendar, play awesome apps like Jeopardy!, find a ride with Uber and much more!

Seriously Committed or Married

valentine luxury gift a gold rose If things are starting to get serious (and your family is asking annoying questions) or if you’ve already tied the knot, then February 14 takes on a new meaning.Serious commitment doesn’t mean an end to romance. Here are some gift ideas. By the way, now that you’ve been together for a long time, there’s nothing wrong with a little luxury:
Luxury - a 24-karat gold-dipped rose: Roses are the ultimate symbol of love, but they are fleeting. When they are dipped in gold, they last forever. An eternity rose is more than a luxurious gift; it’s a symbol of your undying love. If you’re serious about her, give her the eternal gift!
Personalised - her dream vacation: If it’s been five years or more, now’s the time to take her dream vacation. Is she of Italian heritage? If so, a journey down the boot from Venezia to Palermo is something she’ll never forget. Does she love old-fashioned Americana? Drive Route 66 to Las Vegas! Actually, nothing beats the ultimate Canadian road trip. Start in your hometown and follow this route to wherever she wants. Love the idea of Valentine’s Day travel? Keep reading! We have a full guide later on.
Techie - Smartwatch: It’s time to break out the credit card and buy her something she can use every day and that looks great too. A smartwatch will make her life so much easier (and she’ll have something to brag about at the office). She’ll be able to count her steps, take her heart rate, message everyone 24/7 and get directions from a talking piece of plastic on her wrist!

Valentine’s Day Book List: The Best Gifts for Your Bookworm

Here are a few books your book-obsessed crush, girlfriend or wife won’t be able to put down:
valentine day book just kids by patti smith
Just Kids by Patti Smith
A youthful New York City romance based on the true-life relationship of the rock icon.
valentine day book delta of venus by anais nin
Delta of Venus by Anais Nin
Steamy tales set against the backdrop of the Roaring ’20s in Europe.
valentine day book letters to young poet by rainer maria
Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke
Letters to an aspiring poet about the true meaning of love.
valentine day book the notebook by nicholas sparks
The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
The book that spawned the Hollywood classic. Try not to cry. We dare you.
valentine day book bridget jones diary by helen fielding
Bridget Jones’ Diary by Helen Fielding
Another book-turned-hit-movie, this one follows the quirky Bridget Jones through her ups and downs as a single woman.
perfect valentine day's date

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Date

Question: What’s your idea of a Valentine’s Day date?

It’s probably candlelit dinners, holding hands, and talking about how much you love each other.


There’s nothing wrong with tradition. We’ve already told you how much we love flowers, chocolate and dinner together. But there’s SO MUCH MORE you could be doing with this day than just the same old same old.
Here are some ideas that will make this the best Valentine’s Day she’s ever had.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Date

1Think about her interests: Does she like cooking, sports, dancing, romance, gastronomy, wine, horses? This is the best place to start.
2Think of something you’ve never done before: Don’t keep doing the same things. It’s lazy.
3Call ahead: Whether you are making reservations at a restaurant or booking a wine tour, always call ahead. V-day is one of the busiest days of the year for many businesses.
4Scour the web for deals: Sites like Groupon have couple’s deals as do many of the best wineries in Canada. Find a local one and get on the horn!
5Research the web for ideas: There are forums, women’s groups and other resources online for finding great date ideas (or you can just read on in this guide). You’ve got to find your muse before cupid’s arrow can strike!

Tips for Choosing a Romantic Valentine’s Day Restaurant

tips for chossing valenties day restaurant
Don’t just choose any old eatery or the first candlelit place you can find in Little Italy. It’s the thought that counts. You can choose a greasy burger joint as long as you’ve got a good reason. Use these three tips and brownie points will be on the dessert menu no matter where you dine.
Choose a place that symbolises your relationship: We know one couple who met at a bowling alley, so their Valentine’s Day dinner was at a bowling alley in Las Vegas. As long as it fits, it doesn’t matter where you choose. Go to the place where you first kissed, to the cafe where you had your first coffee or to a restaurant that brings back memories of a trip you took together.
Ask her friends: Women always tell friends things they wish their boyfriends did for them, including places they wish you would take them. Ask and they can point you in the right direction. Nothing wrong with earning brownie points with her friends either!
Go unique instead of expensive: Research new and hip places in your city. Better yet, try to find small little-known restaurants outside town. Cafes, farms or other eateries that grow their own food or source locally are a great local twist that she won’t see coming.

10 Great Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

If you’re stuck thinking of an idea, try any of these. She’ll be dying to go to work the next day and brag to everyone around the water cooler about how awesome her boyfriend or husband is:

The Best Valentine’s Day Dates
Going Out
valentine day date idea salsa dancing

Salsa dancing: There are hundreds of salsa clubs across Canada. Get your juices flowing and have fun learning to dance with her and other partners. Be sure to make reservations. Valentine’s Day salsa gets busy quick!

valentine day date idea craft beer

Craft beer hopping: Take her from one craft beer bar to another; just make sure to use Uber or Lyft! Get a flight at each place and share it. Canada is world famous for its craft beer scene, so there should be no shortage of places to go. To really make it fun, book a hotel in another city and barhop there!

valentine day date idea night at opera

A night at the opera: If you’ve been together a long time, why not add some class and sophistication to your relationship? If you’ve never been, the opera is truly a sight to behold!

valentine day date idea go to museum

Check out a museum: Canada has a rich history. Depending on where you are, there are museums ranging from indigenous history to railroads to sports.

Staying In

Spending Valentine’s Day indoors is a great way to build your bond. And NO, we don’t mean THAT way.

valentine day date idea cook feast

Cook a feast: Resist the temptation to cook everything for her. Instead, cook together and have fun while doing it. Play games, talk trash, play your favourite music while cooking―anything to make the time more enjoyable. Just make sure you buy all the ingredients.

valentine day date idea build fire

Build a fire: Make a fire in your backyard and cuddle up over a glass of wine or a warm drink. Yes, we know Canada is cold in February. That’s what the fire and blankets are for.

valentine day date idea book spa night for her

Girlfriend/wife spa night: A bath full of rose petals is going to be too sappy, but she’ll never say no to a face mask and massage! Watch a few tutorials on YouTube, get some hot oil and have fun. She’ll brag about that for weeks!


Canada is one of the world’s most beautiful countries. It would be a shame to waste it.

valentine day date idea go wine testing

Wine tasting: Canada’s vineyards are becoming more and more sophisticated as the years go by. Take her to an outdoor wine tasting and cultural experience. Learn about wines, the local area and all the snacks that go along with it.

valentine day date idea go ice skating

Ice-skating: Playing one-on-one hockey is probably too violent, but the next best thing is slipping on a pair of skates and making the most of the winter. Chances are, wherever you are in Canada, there are some frozen lakes. Just be careful!

valentine day date idea do stargazing

Spend the night stargazing: Is there anything more romantic than gazing at the stars? Find a high lookout point, bring some warm sleeping bags and gaze at the heavens above. It’s the best excuse to drink hot chocolate.

travel ideas for valentines day

How to Travel for Valentine’s Day

Travelling for Valentine’s day might be the best gift you could possibly give.

It checks every box: It’s fun, it’s unique (if you do it right), it shows you want to spend time with her and it helps you to bond. It doesn’t hurt that it’ll be fun for you too.

If you’re stressing over what gift to give, a trip for two is the perfect solution. You just need to make sure you plan it right. Let’s go over the destination, planning tips, websites and apps you need to get it done.

How far along are you?

The length and destination of your trip depend on the stage of your relationship.

New relationship: If you’ve only been dating for a few weeks, think of a different gift. A trip for a few hours out of town to a park, farm or winery is a great idea, but a vacation is a bit much.

A few months: This is the perfect chance to get to know each other and see how you do with just the two of you alone for a short trip. Head out of town to a quaint village or local destination, get a hotel room and spend all day and night together.

A year or more: Now things are starting to get serious. A weekend trip to a major destination nearby is a great idea. Use the tools below to find a nice hotel or unique Airbnb and spend two or three days together. Don’t forget to plan some fun activities!

It’s serious, like marriage serious: Weekend getaways are great no matter which stage you’re in, but nothing says “I love you” like taking her somewhere she’s always dreamt of going. We covered dream vacations earlier, so we won’t go into detail here, but start thinking about weeks instead of days and countries with exotic names instead of ones that end in -States or -ada.

Where to go - the best Valentine’s Day destinations in Canada (and the USA)

tips for chossing valenties day restaurant Canada is full of romantic destinations that most people don’t know about. That’s sad, but it’s great for you! Imagine showing up to a quaint skiing village and having the whole place to yourself. Now imagine how she’ll feel knowing you were the only one who bothered to put this much effort in.

Excited to go on your trip yet?

Here are six romantic destinations in Canada and a few bonus destinations in the USA.

Most Romantic Destinations

West Canada
valentines romantic destination vancouver island

Tofino, Vancouver Island, BC: A quaint surfing village popular with hipsters and artists complete with craft pubs, delicious seafood and breathtaking views. Feels like the edge of the world. Not the best in winter, but you’ll have the place to yourself!

valentines romantic destination waterton lakes ab

Waterton Lakes, AB: A picturesque village set amongst the sweeping Rockies. Wake up early and watch the sun paint the valley. Prepare to be awed.

valentines romantic destination whistler bc

Whistler, BC: Needs no introduction. The skiing capital of Western Canada and maybe all of North America too. It’s BC’s skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and hiking capital. You won’t be alone, but it’s definitely worth it.

Eastern Canada
valentines romantic destination quebec city qc

Quebec City, QC: The most romantic city in North America needs no introduction. It’ll feel like Europe at a local price!

valentines romantic destination cape brenton NS

Cape Breton, NS: They say your heart will never leave. They’re right. The island is alive with history, vibrant local culture and undying traditions. Eat some of Canada’s best seafood, see indigenous cultures alive and thriving and enjoy some peace and quiet for once!

valentines romantic destination niagara on the lake

Niagara-on-the-Lake: Ontario’s leading winter getaway spot is ideal for lovers of wine, chocolate and romance. This charming village’s flower-lined Old Town is set on the shores of Lake Ontario and has something romantic waiting around every corner.

How to Plan a Valentine’s Day Vacation

If you just wing it, it will go wrong. Trust us. Then you’ll be stuck together on a trip you both hate.
Take your time and get it right. Nothing good happens overnight.
plan for valentine keep her in mind
Keep her interests in mind

A little romance is great, but a quaint fishing village is not going to cut it if she loves the rush of the big city. If she’s more outdoorsy, consider a major nature getaway rather than somewhere in the concrete jungle.

plan for valentine do research
Start planning early, and do your research

Start researching places to stay along with unique experiences in the local area. Try to locate a sexy or romantic hotel room at a nice place. It doesn’t have to be luxurious, though that never hurts. She might love a hut in the middle of nowhere more than a four-star hotel. It’s all about her personality.

Sites to look at while researching
  • TripAdvisor
  • Airbnb Don’t book yet, but use their “Experiences” feature to see what you can do in the local area.
  • Wikitravel It’s actually one of the best travel sites on the web. It’s 100% objective (kind of). Use it to see what kind of activities you can do there, to know how safe it is and to view some local customs and culture.
plan for valentine book property
Book your property

After researching as much as you can, book a place that’s in your budget. You can use Airbnb or you can use one of the following:

  • Hotels Tonight
  • Your credit card reward program
  • Contact the property and plan a surprise
plan for valentine surprise at hotel
Plan a surprise at your hotel

Now you’re seriously going next level. You dog, you! Contact the staff of the hotel and ask to have something special awaiting you two hopeless romantics.
Some ideas include the following:

  • A flirty note
  • A bottle of wine
  • A box of chocolates
  • His and her pillow set
  • An itinerary of an activity you have planned for you

It only takes 15 minutes, and it will make an incredible impression.

valentine day idea plan for trip
Plan your trip

If you don’t have a car, get a rental. Bus tickets really aren’t all that romantic. If you’re flying, book your tickets ASAP. Make sure her schedule is synched with yours. The best sites for booking tickets are the following:

  • Skyscanner (browse in incognito mode)
  • Hipmunk
  • Orbitz
  • Travelocity

The 5 Most Romantic Places around the World

From Whitefriar Street in Dublin green to fair Verona, where we lay our scene, we cover the five most romantic places around the world. If you’ve got the time and money, you can’t miss out on these Valentine’s Day destinations!

valentine romantic places shrine dublin
valentine romantic places suspension bridge new york
valentine romantic places juliet wall italy
valentine romantic places mount huangshan china
valentine romantic places xhiahi temple taiwan

Putting the extra effort into planning your Valentine’s Day vacation will prove to her that you’re serious (or at least serious enough for your current relationship stage) and show her that she’s different from the rest. It’s worth every minute.

valentine celebration include kids

Including Kids in the Celebration

There are so many great ways to celebrate this holiday with your children. Each of our ideas deepens your bond, is a load of fun AND gives you an excuse to buy more chocolate.

Finding time to prepare for everything as a parent can be exhausting. It’s hard enough planning for just one person, let alone two or more. Here are some ideas for making sure your little one’s holiday at school is unforgettable and your time at home is even better (and that they don’t drive you insane!).

Before Valentine’s Day

In the days leading up to V-day, get your ducks in a row so the day goes smoothly.
plan before valentine day for children

Prepare cards for school: If you’re sending them off with cards, make sure they have a card for everyone. (Where was this rule when we were in school?) Don’t get a generic set. Be creative!

Send them off with accessories: Heart bookmarks, a fun pin or even a holiday-themed shirt will help make the day more special and memorable.

Plan an activity and buy what you need: Ingredients for dinner, candies for their bag, some decorations here and there―there’s plenty to buy. Get it done BEFORE the rush.

5 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special with Your Kids

Give fun little gifts (a small toy, a book, a journal with a heart, etc.)
Decorate the house inside and out
Cook a fun meal together (and cringe thinking about cleanup tomorrow)
Throw a family picnic (since Canada is freezing, an indoor picnic is acceptable)
Watch a fun movie together and make hot chocolate
Bonus: Got some chops in the kitchen? Make heart-shaped pancakes for Mom and the kids. You’ll be the world’s best dad and husband at the same time…and they’re delicious.

10 Cute Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Stuck on what to get your kids? You can’t go wrong with any of these. Stop stressing and start shopping!
1. A cheesy “I love you” T-shirt (I dig you!)
2. Matching clothes for mom and son/daughter
3. Heart-shaped cookie cutters and dough
4. A LED Sky Canvas
5. A heart pillow with their names on it
6. A piece of sports equipment (a basketball, football, or hockey puck are never bad gifts)
7. A heart necklace
8. Heart pyjamas
9. A Valentine’s Day Pusheen cat
10. Friendship bracelet Valentines

Valentine’s Day in the Office

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at the office is a bit tricky. You want to keep it professional, but you need to add a bit of holiday cheer. You want to add in a hint of romance, but you don’t want to take it too far.

There aren’t many hard and fast rules to the St. Valentine’s celebration between the hours of nine and five, but there are a lot of unspoken ones.

Here are some tips for making the office a bit more romantic without going overboard:
Giving Gifts at Work
Remember that you aren’t in elementary school anymore. What’s seen as a juvenile and fun gesture as kids can be taken as a sign of romantic interest as adults. Be VERY careful. Here are a few tips:
  • Avoid giving cards or notes to anyone. It’s not appropriate, and it’s unprofessional.
  • Even if your workplace is very casual, don’t make things too romantic.
  • Gifts to anyone can be taken as favouritism. If you’re the team leader, avoid it.
  • Instead of giving gifts, bring in treats to share with everyone (apologise for ruining everyone’s diet).
  • If someone insists on giving everyone Valentine’s cards, politely accept.
  • Do not dress suggestively at work! Stay professional until it’s quitting time.
valentines gift at work
For Your Valentine at Her Office
There are few women in Canada who wouldn’t love a gift at the office. Just make sure you do it right.
  • Make sure the gift is appropriate (no lingerie!).
  • Involve her colleagues if you can.
  • Be aware of HER surroundings. Ask her colleagues if someone has been dumped recently or is going through hard times. If so, tell her to be discreet or pitch in with her colleagues to get that person something too. (You already have loads of brownie points, but more never hurt.)
valentines gift at her office
If You Work Together
Hey, office romance still happens. You can’t control love!
  • Talk about it before work with your partner.
  • Let everyone at the office know that you guys are keeping it to a dull roar at work.
  • Gifts and romance are best left for after work. The office knows you love each other, so there’s no reason to flaunt it.
  • Flowers are still OK! Especially if you tell her before work that you want to keep all gifts for after work. That way, she’ll never see them coming!
  • No displays of affection at work. Go somewhere on lunch break.
  • Don’t treat her differently than you would on a normal day. This is still your job!
valentines gift when working together
how canadians celebrate valentine day

How Canadians Celebrate Valentine’s Day

So you want to know more about Canadian Valentine’s Day, eh?

We celebrate it up here just as much as they do anywhere else in the world, if not more. We just put our own unique spin on it. We take all the old traditions of the holiday and add in a pinch of cold-weather cynicism. The result? A holiday that’s a tad different than it is anywhere else in the world.

What do Canadians do for Valentine’s Day?

Canadians (taken or single) celebrate Valentine’s Day en masse, even though they hate it! More than 60% of Canadians see it as a waste of time and money, yet more than 80% plan to celebrate it! Talk about cynicism (GlobalNews.Ca).

Just because we think it’s too commercial doesn’t mean we don’t love giving gifts. Canadians don’t spend as much as Americans, but we still pony up when it’s time to buy something for the ones we love.

Why Everyone Should Celebrate Valentine’s Day

You should celebrate Valentine’s Day because it’s a day dedicated to love, and love comes in so many different forms. It’s not just for couples to express their love for each other; it’s a chance for parents to show it to their children, for singles to have fun and talk about what love means to them and for friends to show how they really feel about one another.

It’s even a great night to go out and try to find love for yourself.
For Singles Don’t panic if you’re single on February 14. Love comes in many different forms. That being said, it’s not a bad time to go out and try to find someone! Valentine’s Day is becoming a popular party night in big cities across Canada. You might just find someone else who’s single and ready to mingle.
Single on Valentine’s Day? Celebrate Galentine’s Day Parks & Recreation has made Galentine’s Day (a way for women to meet up and celebrate their love for each other the day before V-day) a phenomenon across Canada. But it’s not just for girls! All friends should meet up the night before and celebrate each other. Send fond messages, exchange little gifts, share a drink―do whatever it is you guys love to do and be happy regardless of whether you’ve found love.
valentines day celebration for singles
For New Couples Now is a great time to see where your relationship is headed. Put out little feelers, take a small trip together and see how your partner reacts to gifts or cards. It’s a great chance to deepen your relationship and glimpse a vision of the future.
valentines day celebration for new partners
For Long-Term Partners If you’ve been together a long time, Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to ignite the spark again. Remind yourselves of the first V-day you spent together, take a trip, push your boundaries a bit and just have fun.

If you have children, it’s a great opportunity to spend time with those you love most and make their holiday special.
valentines day celebration for long term relationships

3 Reasons Every Canadian Should Celebrate Valentine’s Day Regardless of Relationship Status

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate Valentine’s Day besides chocolate, beautiful flowers and proving how good of a partner you are.
valentine why celebrate - love conquers

It’s a celebration of how love conquers all: We are bombarded 24/7 with bad news. Our society is more polarised than it ever has been. Instead of yelling at strangers on the Internet all day, celebrate the day where love conquers all hate and close social media.

valentine why celebrate - excuse to have fun

It’s an excuse to go have fun: Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day, right? Do what makes you happy, and don’t feel guilty! Go for drinks, stay in with your kids and eat chocolate till you feel sick. It’s your day!

valentine why celebrate - make happy

Make others happy and you’ll be happy too: Simply making another person feel good makes us feel good too, or so says science. Doing good makes you feel good. So go out and selfishly make others feel happy! Just kidding.

In the End, Valentine’s Day Is What You Make It!

Valentines day final thoughts
Valentine’s Day has the power to uplift lives, strengthen bonds and be one of the happiest days of the year.

If you put your partner first and think about what makes her truly unique, you’ll be fine. Remember this: IT’S NEVER THE GIFT THAT MATTERS...unless it’s chocolate.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in your own special way is healthy for you, your relationship, your partner and your kids. Just make sure to personalise it for the people you care about and don’t take things too seriously!