Silver-dipped rose matched with a classic style vase. The vase is made from cast bronze, which has been silver-dipped. Sets are presented in a stitched leather display case. Window case option is available.
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  1. Silver-Dipped Rose and Vase Set

    Silver-Dipped Rose and Vase Set

    • Real rose dipped in pure silver, combined with an ornate silver-dipped cast brass vase.
    • Presented in a stylish display case made with high-quality PU leather and velvet interior.
    • Bright and radiant mirror finish.
    • Presented with a double-sided authenticity certificate.
    • An iconic symbol of devotion and eternal love that will endure a lifetime.
    • Fast delivery. All orders are rapidly processed and sent free of charge by express shipping.
    • A unique and outstanding presentation of the world's most recognizable token of love.
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  2. Gold-Dipped Rose and Vase Set. Window Box

    Gold-Dipped Rose and Vase Set. Window Box

    • Natural rose dipped in certified 24 karat gold, combined with an ornate gold-dipped vase.
    • An thoughtful gift set for your special lady.
    • Comes in a beautiful leather display case, with padded velvet interior.
    • The case has a toughened glass viewing window built into the lid.
    • Display case interior has separate recessed channels for the rose & vase.
    • Includes a two-sided Certificate of Authenticity.
    • Brilliant and lustrous mirror finish.
    • A stunning symbol of love that lasts an eternity.
    • Fast dispatch and delivery. Your order is processed quickly and booked onto express transport free of charge.
    • The world's most recognized symbol of love presented as you have never before seen.
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