55th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Mark the 55th anniversary by combining colors, ideas and themes collected here in our comprehensive list. You are sure to find something that your loved one will cherish.

55th anniversary emerald themeModern Gift Theme: Emerald

The Emerald holds two points of significance:

First, it is a symbol of genuine love, and in legend it was said that an emerald would change color if a loved one should be unfaithful. Within marriage, giving an emerald-themed gift is a sign of loyalty, devotion, adoration and friendship.

Second, thanks to its beautiful green color, an emerald is linked with rebirth and springtime. It is thought to make the wearer more creative and to open doors for new possibilities.

Flower: Calla Lily

** Alternatively a Green Rose is suitable in association with the emerald theme as well as the color green that represents the 55th anniversary

Calla lilies are a symbol of great beauty. In Christian culture, the calla lily is linked with purity, chastity, holiness and faith, but to the Romans, it was a symbol of lust due to its phallic stalk. Combining these concepts is representative of fidelity in marriage, together with desire and romantic love.

Gemstone: Alexandrite

Sustitute: Emerald

Color: Emerald-Green

Popular Modern and Other Gift Ideas

Some Popular Modern Gift Ideas

• Alexandrite jewelry

• Emerald jewelry such as a bracelet, earrings, ring or necklace

• Light-Green Glazed Eternity Rose or the Dark-Green Glazed Eternity Rose representing the green color theme of this anniversary year

• A bouquet of fresh calla lilies

• Floral gifts with a calla lily theme such as an art print, plant, scented candle or perfume 

Here is a video of our Dark-Green Glazed Eternity Rose

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