21st wedding anniversary gift ideas

Here is a comprehensive list of themes linked with 21 years of marriage. Select from these themes, items and colors and create something truly memorable that reveals your affection for your loved one.

Brass heart for 21st anniversary

Modern Gift Theme: Nickel or Brass

Durable and strong, brass is representative of lasting relationships. In the Bible, it also means natural goodness.

Nickel has a meaning of consequence and tendency. It also is a symbol of emotional wellbeing, banishing negativity while encouraging spiritual lightness and creativity.


Gemstone: Iolite

Color: Orange

Some Popular Modern Gift Ideas

• Homewares made from brass such as a vase, mug, goblet, dish, plate, bowl, clock, candle holder or bookends

• Brass photograph frame

• Brass figurine, ornament or sculpture

• Brass music instruments

• Brass jewelry box

• Brass keychain

• Brass watch

• Cufflinks made from nickel

• Nickel candelabra or candle holders

• Nickel coins

• Nickel jewelry box

• Door knocker made from nickel

• Lamp made from nickel

• Nickel money clip

• Card case made from nickel

• A letter opener made from nickel

• Brass or nickel jewelry such as a bracelet, necklace, earrings or ring

• Iolite jewelry

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