40th wedding anniversary gift ideas

One of the best known anniversary years, the 40th anniversary, has many traditions and themes, and here are the most well-known. Create a gift that is unique to your loved one and focus on the theme or color linked with this year, ensuring that they are presented with a token of esteem that they will treasure for a lifetime. 

Modern Gift Theme: Ruby

40th anniversary ruby theme

The ruby has a history of being used to enhance devotion, romance and passion. The flame inside a ruby is a symbol of marital passion that endures even after 40 years.

Flower: Nasturtium; Gladiola

** Alternatively, a Red Rose is most befitting for this hallmark anniversary occasion, in representation of the Ruby theme as well as the color Red for the 40th year of marriage

Nasturtiums have a traditional meaning of victory through battle and conquest. When related to marriage, the nasturtium is an indicator of devotion, loyalty and commitment.

Gladioli are symbols of generosity, sincerity and beauty and represent infatuation and admiration.

Gemstone: Ruby

Color: Red

Popular Gift Ideas for a Modern 40th Anniversary

• Ruby jewelry such as a pendant, necklace, bracelet or ring

• Red Glazed Eternity Rose or the Dark-Red Glazed Eternity Rose representing ruby gemstones and the colour red which is linked to the 40 wedding anniversary

• Gifts with a floral theme involving the gladiola or nasturtium such as a scented candle, plant, perfume or art print

• A bouquet of fresh gladiolas or nasturtiums 

Take a moment to watch our video of the glorious Red Glazed Eternity Rose

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