18th wedding anniversary gift ideas

There are both modern and traditional themes linked with the 18th anniversary, and here we provide a collection of the best known gift ideas to take as your inspiration. Choose from different colors, themes and items to give your loved one a present they will treasure.

Porcelain figurines for 18th anniversary

Modern Gift Theme: Porcelain

Delicate, exquisite, elegant and fine, porcelain reflects the essential combination of these qualities within a lasting marriage. As porcelain must be handled careful to avoid breakage, so this 18 year long marriage has been treated with care.

Flower: None**

** As there is no specific flower associated with the 18th Wedding Anniversary, a blue rose is very fitting, in association with the color blue that symbolizes the 18th anniversary occasion, as well as the rose which is a universal symbol of love and romance. 

Gemstone: Cat’s Eye

Substitute:  Opal; Aquamarine

Color: Blue

Some Popular Modern Gift Ideas

• Homewares made from porcelain such as a vase, mug, candle holder, pitcher, jug or serving platter

• Porcelain figurine or sculpture

• Cat’s eye jewelry such as a pendant, necklace, bracelet or ring

• Aquamarine or opal jewelry as the alternative gemstones linked to the eighteenth year of marriage

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