35th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Here you can find the most well-known gift ideas linked with the 35th anniversary. Choose any of these items, colors or themes to create a gift perfectly suited to the recipient.

Traditional Gift Theme: Jade (US); Coral (UK & US)

35th anniversary coral and jadeCoral as a color is representative of passion. In the East, coral is precious and is a symbol of success and longevity. Jade, meanwhile, brings luck and has a meaning of wealth, fidelity, lasting love, long life, stability, knowledge, compassion and peace.

Modern Gift Theme: Jade


Gemstone: Emerald

Substitute: Coral; Jade

Color: Coral

Some Popular Traditional Ideas for Gifts

• A gift with a coral theme such as a visit to an aquarium or coral reef or a dinner in a seafood restaurant

• Coral homewares such as a vase, figurine, sculpture or dish

Popular Modern Gift Ideas

• Jade, emerald or coral jewelry such as a bracelet, necklace, earrings or ring,

• Jade homewares such as a vase, figuring, sculpture or dish


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