11th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Our collection of gift themes linked with the 11th anniversary is the ideal way to find a perfect gift for your loved one. Choose one gift idea, or combine themes to show the recipient the effort you have put into choosing a gift that is perfect.

Steel heart 11th anniversary

 Traditional Gift Theme: Steel

Associated eternally with strength, steel is given on the 11th anniversary to reflect the permanent nature of marriage as it enters its 2nd decade.

Modern Gift Theme: Accessories or Fashion Jewelry

A modern gift theme, accessories and fashion jewelry, is a symbol of fun and joy in marriage.

Flower: Tulip; Morning Glory

** Alternatively a rose is suitable for any anniversary, as it signifies love and romance

While all tulips have a meaning of perfect love, there are color differentiations. In red, they declare true love, yellow represents cheerful thoughts, cream means eternal love, purple is a sign of royalty, white represents purity, pink is a symbol of affection, and orange indicates passion.

 A morning glory's short lifespan is a symbol of mortality and affection. It is a sign for the couple to appreciate their love every single day, and represents a new beginning in their second decade of marriage.

Gemstone: Turquoise

Substitute: Hematite

Color: Turquoise

Some Popular Traditional Gift Ideas for the 11th Anniversary

• Homewares made from stainless steel such as a wine chiller, cutlery, wine glasses, clock or candle holder

• Stainless steel figurine or sculpture

• Accessories made from stainless steel such as a key ring or a men’s bracelet

• Watch made from stainless steel

Popular Modern Ideas for Anniversary Gifts

• Fashion accessories and jewellery such as a  necklace, earrings, bracelet, ring, scarf or hat

• Turquoise jewelry

• Hematite jewelry as the alternative gemstone linked to the eleventh wedding anniversary

• Gifts with a floral theme that involves the morning glory or tulip such as an art print, plant, scented candle or perfume

• A bouquet of fresh morning glory or tulips


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