16th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Here is a comprehensive list of themes linked with 16 years of marriage. Choose any of these colors, items or themes and mix them to arrive at a present that will demonstrate your love for the recipient.

Interesting silverware 16th anniversary

Modern Gift Theme: Silverware

Representing vision, awareness and clarity due to its clear appearance, silver is also a symbol of persistence, strength, focus and purity. Giving silverware as a 16th anniversary gift reflects the connected nature of a married couple as they pursue a life together, sharing meals with extended family.

Flower: Statice

** A Silver rose is also fitting for the 16th anniversary that is connected to the color Silver, as well as the Modern theme of Silverware

The statice reflects lasting beauty, success and remembrance. For this anniversary year, it is a reminder for a couple to combine consideration and thoughtfulness with empathy and compassion to preserve their successful union.

Gemstone: Peridot

Substitute: Aquamarine; Golden Topaz

Color: Silver

Some Popular Modern Gift Ideas

• Silverwares such as a plate, bowl, goblet, candle holder, cutlery, tea set or wine bucket

• Silver photograph frame

• Silver jewelry such as a bracelet, necklace, earrings or ring

• Peridot jewelry

• Golden topaz or aquamarine jewelry as the alternate gemstones linked to the sixteenth year of marriage

• Silver-Dipped Eternity Rose representing the theme of silver linked to the sixteenth anniversary

• Gifts with a floral theme that involves the statice such as a scented candle, art print, plant to perfume

• A bouquet of fresh statice blossoms

Below is a video of our Silver-Dipped Eternity Rose

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