13th wedding anniversary gift ideas

This comprehensive list shows all the best known themes linked with the 13th year of marriage. Use it as inspiration for gifts for your loved one that are as unique as they are by mixing and matching themes, colors and items.

Lace-wrapped gift 13th anniversary

Traditional Gift Theme: Lace

Lace is representative of beauty, delicacy and elegance. Its graceful threads, intertwined to perfection, is the reflection of the way the couple's souls are now intertwined in a happy marriage.

Modern Gift Theme: Furs and Textiles;

Both furs and textiles are indicative of protection, comfort and warmth.

Flower: Chrysanthemum

** A white rose is also suitable in representation of the 13th anniversary color

In the East, a chrysanthemum symbolizes an easy and lucky life. In Victorian times, different shades of chrysanthemum held different meanings, with yellow indicating marital fidelity, red hinting a discovery of new passions, white standing for honesty and truth, and violet wishes for wellness.

Gemstone: Citrine

Substitute: Malachite; Moonstone; Opal

Color: White

Some Popular Traditional Ideas for Gifts

• Lace attire or clothing such as lingerie or gloves

• Lace manchester

• Lace homewares such as a tablecloth

Popular Modern Gift Ideas

• Accessories or clothing made or trimmed with fur clothing such as gloves or a jacket (** we actually suggest faux fur)

• Citrine jewelry such as earrings, a necklace, ring or bracelet

• Moonstone, opal or malachite jewelry as the alternative gemstones linked to the thirteenth year of marriage

• Pearl-White Glazed Eternity Rose representing the colour white which is linked to the thirteenth wedding anniversary

• Gifts with a floral theme that involves chrysanthemums such as scented candles, plants, perfume or an art print

• A bouquet of fresh chrysanthemums

Here is a video of our Pearl-White Glazed Eternity Rose

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