7th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Show your heartfelt sentiments for your loved one on the occasion of your seventh wedding anniversary by choosing a gift from our collection of suggested presents and themes that are linked with this anniversary year. These themes, items and colors can be combined to make a gift that is ideal.

Traditional Gift Theme: Copper (United States); Wool (United Kingdom)

A recognized symbol of wealth, strength and beauty, copper's malleable and yielding nature reflects the compromise necessary in a successful marriage. It also powerfully conducts electricity and heat, acknowledging the couple's passion on their seventh anniversary.

Copper theme 7th anniversary

Wool, on the other hand, is representative of security, comfort, safety and warmth, all key ingredients of a healthy marital union.

Modern Gift Theme: Brass or Desk Sets

The durable nature of brass signifies the lasting nature of a marriage. Brass in the Bible also stands for natural goodness.

Giving the gift of a desk set reflects the practical commitments in everyday life that the couple make to work harmoniously together.

Flower: Jack-in-the-pulpit; Freesia

** A white or yellow rose is also suitable in representation of the 7th anniversary colors.

The wildflower Jack-in-a-pulpit blooms at springtime in woodland regions. Symbolizing shelter, it is a representation of the protection felt by a couple within the safe confines of their marriage.

A Freesia can have several meanings, such as friendship, thoughtfulness, innocence or perseverance. On this anniversary year, the friendship has strengthened between the couple, while during challenging times, thoughtfulness and perseverance are required.

Gemstone: Onyx

Substitution: Lapis Lazuli; Yellow Sapphire; Copper

Color: Yellow; Off-White

Some Popular Ideas For Traditional Gifts

• Copper homewares such as a vase, goblet, mug, dish, bowl, pitcher, jug, flowerpot, candle holder or clock

• Copper figurine or sculpture

• Wool clothing or accessories such as gloves or a sweater

• Wool rug or blanket

Popular Ideas For Modern Gifts

• Brass homewares such as a vase, mug, goblet, plate, bowl, candle holder, bookends or clock

• Brass photograph frame

• Brass figurine or ornament

• Desk sets

• Onyx jewelry such as a necklace, ring, earrings or bracelet

• Lapis lazuli, copper or yellow sapphire jewelry as the alternate gemstones linked to the 7th marital year

• Yellow Glazed Eternity Rose representing the colour yellow which is linked to the seventh year of marriage

• Pearl-White Glazed Eternity Rose representing the colour off-white which is linked to the 7th year of marriage

• Gifts with a floral theme that involves the freesia or jack in a pulpit such as a scented candle, plant, perfume or art print

• A bouquet of fresh freesias or jack in the pulpit blossoms

Check out the video of our Pearl-White Glazed Eternity Rose

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