8th wedding anniversary gift ideas

See our list of contemporary and traditional gift ideas for the eighth wedding anniversary, and show your love by tailor-making a present to match their tastes. Combine colors, items and themes and create a present that will be truly appreciated.

Bronze sculpture 8th anniversary

Traditional Gift Theme: Bronze; Pottery (United States); Salt (United Kingdom)

It is said that bronze holds natural powers of healing if kept close to one's body, so it promotes health within a marriage. It also reflects the sustenance each partner brings to the other in difficult times.

As pottery is shaped and sculpted, so a relationship is shaped over time to create something ever more amazing and beautiful over each passing year.

Essential to life, salt was used to preserve foods in times gone by, and is also a seasoning, a disinfectant, and even a currency unit. In early civilizations, it was so important that it became deemed a hard-to-obtain luxury in some countries. On the 8th anniversary, salt is representative of companionship and love that is essential to the thriving of a marriage.

Modern Gift Theme: Lace or Linen

Linen has a meaning of honesty and purity, taken from the Bible where angels and other Divine figures wore garments of pure white linen.

Lace brings a hint of taste, elegance, beauty and luxury.

Flower: Clematis; Lilac

** A rose is also suitable for any anniversary.

A beautiful climbing plant, the clematis is a mark of cleverness and intellect, a symbol of the connection between the couple in their union. Purple lilacs reflect the emotion of a first love, while a white flower is a symbol of youthful innocence.

Gemstone: Tourmaline

Substitute: Aventurine; Tanzanite; Bronze

Color: Bronze

Popular Gifts Ideas For A Traditional 8th Wedding Anniversary

• Bronze homewares such as a door knocker, bookends, vase, mug or goblet, plate/bowl, candle holder or flowerpot

• Bronze figurine or sculpture

• Bronze windchimes

• Bronze photograph frame

• Pottery homewares such as a vase, dish, bowl, mug, jug, pitcher, flowerpot or candle holder

• Pottery sculpture or figurine

• A lesson in pottery

• Salt/pepper set

Popular Modern Gift Ideas

• Clothing made from lace such as gloves or lingerie

• Lace homewares such as a tablecloth

• Bedding made from linen or lace

• Tourmaline jewelry such as a bracelet,  necklace, ring or earrings

• Tanzanite, bronze or aventurine jewelry as the alternate gemstones linked to the eighth wedding anniversary

• Gifts with a floral theme that involves the lilac or clematis such as an art print, perfume, scented candles or plant

• A bouquet of fresh lilacs or clematis flowers

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